• Abhijeet Agrawal – JMD, Shyam Texturisers

    “Their team has a good knowledge of various sectors and a sound macroeconomic view and thus they select the appropriate mutual fund for me.”
  • Anil Jethwani – MD, Navin Electronics

    “Niveshaay’s in-depth research gives me the confidence that my hard earned money is put into correct stocks and I am getting the maximum returns possible.”
  • CA Gaurav Singhvi – MD, Financial Super Market

    “Arvind is a wonderful person & his company is really doing very detailed Equity Research and the only Equity Research company of South Gujarat, he is a very active member of BNI Surat & President of BNI Champion.”
  • Jagdish Mohta – Partner, JPM Associates

    “I had been using the PMS services of Veterans such as Motilal Oswal, never believed the words of this 30 years old chap until when since past 3-4 years these guys have been beating the returns of veterans by a huge margin. They really have a fresh approach and I could comfortably plan my daughter’s wedding due to their returns.”
  • CA Jay Chhaira – CCM-ICAI, Educator, Businessman

    “I have known Arvind as a young dynamic boy whom I taught CA lessons. I am very happy to see him using his knowledge and smartness to a good end. The journey with him from being his teacher to his client has been wonderful..”
  • Keshav Bagdi – MD, Avinash Tradelinks

    “These are trustworthy people who helped me to understand diversification and made me invest in businesses apart from textiles. It is a place where amount didn't matter but goals did.”
  • Kiran Amanchi – MD, Quantum Profitas

    "Niveshaay is not a one time association but they have been with me through out the ups and downs of economy like Demonetisation, Brexit etc. They take special care to modify and alter portfolio as per changing economic situations."
  • Manmohan Mall – VP, Gl Mkt, Deutsche Bank (USA)

    "I am very impressed by the market insights of Arvindand his team, satisfied with their service and the performance of my investment till now. I also plan to add to my investment over time."
  • CA Mehul Shah – Rasesh Shah & Associates

    "I totally believe in the power of equity and also in the approach of Niveshaay. Hence this combination is a fertile ground for lush growth of wealth."
  • Mohit Sethia – MD, Mexican Rodeo

    "I am very happy with their round the clock service. Mr Arvind is always willing to answer all my queries and help me with the most logical advice."
  • Mukesh Shah – Promoter, Ritesh Export

    "I am a first time equity investor. Till now I was attracted only to real estate. Thanks to Niveshaay for opening the doors of equity investing for me and giving me more channels of wealth multiplication."
  • Neerja Gupta – Manager, Deloitte (Delhi)

    "Being an Independent working women I used to just spend the money earned as FD savings never made any sense but after I started my portfolio with Niveshaay with their guidance and returns my portfolio is worth 25 lakhsnow and which a professional like my could never had imagined."
  • Pratik Bajaj – Manager, Bank of America (Bengaluru)

    "Arvind sir & his passion for equity markets has risen in me a curiosity about it & now with Niveshaay's help & support my knowledge about well performing companies is up to date. I have just started earning money & I am happy that my savings are going in the right place with the guidance at Niveshaay."
  • Rajesh Mohta – MD, Shreeji Creation

    "My expertise is in the textile markets but when it comes to investing my money, I trust only Niveshaay. They have proven again and again that they are the best in their field."
  • Rajiv Mehta – Head Treasury, Bank Muscat (Muscat)

    "With my demanding banking career, I am left with no time to manage my investments. I am happy to be associated with Arvind and his team to take care of this important aspect of my financial life."
  • Ravi Jain – Risk Manager, PDS MNC (Hong Kong)

    "I work hard to earn money and I also like my money to work hard to multiply itself. For the former I trust myself and for the latter I trust Niveshaay."
  • Ravhee Laddha – Architect (Chennai)

    "We started working with niveshaay recently. Their approach is no hurry and wait for right co at right price. With the opening of their new research office, it shall help them to identify strong and good cos at right valuations and at right time. We wish them all the very best and hope to grow mutually."
  • Sanjay Jhaver – Tropical Agrosystem (Chennai)

    "Investments play a major role in any person's long term financial goals. Earlier one starts, the better it is. I applaud Niveshaay for bringing about this awareness, especially amongst the youth."
  • Santosh Bhatted – Owner, B.G Tex (Chennai)

    "The hard work that the research team of Niveshaay puts in is phenomenal and they make it so simple for a common businessman to understand the other businesses."
  • Shiva Prasad – Technical Head, Intel (Bengaluru)

    "I am assured that my money is also working for me. As I earn money, Niveshaay team multiplies it for me through their intelligent investing methods."
  • Pathik Shah – MD, Jivraj Tea

    "Since working with Niveshaay, they have met and surpased my expectations of working and financial advisor . They take the time to really know their clients which gives me confidence that not just my financial goals are well understood but my comfort level. They regularly provide updates and have always been available to answer my questions or to explain options within my portfolio."
  • Simmi Talwar – School Teacher

    "I did not have a definite investment strategy but the Niveshaay team simplified things for me by understanding my unique needs and shaping up my investment planning accordingly."
  • Ramvtar Bhutra (Chennai)

    "I am happy with my decision of coming to Team Niveshaay and trusting their services and thereby facilitating the growth of my money."

An Intro to Niveshaay

Niveshaay is a Boutique Investment Firm with a Dedicated Research Team. Our Expertise is that we link the Macro-Economic Data to the Business Model of Mid- Cap Companies.