Kintu Parantu

Markets abhi correct hai ya nahi?

  • History has shown that Timing the Market isn’t important over a long period of time.
  • One has always gained a CAGR return of 15-16% by following a disciplined approach in investing.
    For example: impressive annualized returns by investing in SIPs during one of the biggest crashes in 2008 due to Global Financial Crisis.

US main slowdown hai

Any global event in the markets will bring ups and downs in the short run but not in the long run.

Paisa safe hona chahiye

  • Some people invest in FDs which have no risk but generate low returns.
  • Many people usually reinvest the profits in their own business to expand further.
  • Although we may not be able to generate higher returns than your business but when there is a slowdown in the industry which your business caters to, then diversification in the stocks of other industries may help you to tide over the liquidity crunch.

Why should I not go to a big institute for my portfolio?

  • For starters, big institutes have a set of products which are very standardized.
  • There is also a long formal chain of authorities.
  • Here we cater to your needs and tailor-make a portfolio plan for you to invest in.
  • Also, they charge very high rates and a higher ticket size for their services as compared to us and a higher ticket size.

India mein saari company bogus hi hai, saare scams mein involved hai

  • Don’t let a few scams give you a wrong idea.
  • A lot of Indian Companies like Infosys, TCS have made it into foreign markets as well.
  • All the risks can be reduced after proper research and analysis.

Markets are already up

  • Real GDP growth rate of India is 7-8% and inflation is 6-7%. Hence nominal GDP growth rate is 15%.
  • So the markets would grow by 15% annually every year. Hence, good returns will continue to be generated.

Gharwale na bolte hai

  • In the US, the era of 1930s was the time where a majority of people were reluctant to enter into stock markets due to recession.
  • Then in the 1940s, US markets showed the biggest boom period and the prices of the stocks shot up.
  • Majority of the times, when people are reluctant to enter the market is the time followed by a boom period.
  • Also, daaru aur cigarette ke liye bhi mana karte hai, but phir bhi peete ho na?

Why not buy a property instead of investing in shares?

  • Buying a property requires a huge amount of money and to maintain a real estate portfolio, you require a even higher amount.
  • The good thing about equity is that you do not need to block a large portion of savings to invest.
  • Shares are very liquid in nature and it takes a very long time to sell your property when you are in need of funds.
  • Also, the real estate cycle has played up and the property rates have reached their peak and now have started to decline.
  • Whereas stock market are yet to reach their peak cycle and therefore it is a very good time to enter.

Ab agle saal se start karunga

  • The right time to enter the market is always NOW.
  • The tomorrow never comes. The earlier you start, the more you benefit from the opportunities.

Kisi rishtedaar ko bohot nuksaan hua tha stocks mein

  • If you listen to others and invest your money without any understanding then it is obviously a very risky venture. Avoid the Herd Mentality.
  • If you enter the market after properly researching about a company (returns, dividends, working, management etc.), then there would be no losses in the long run.