About Us

Our Story

Niveshaay was born with the objective of providing a viable alternative to the highly Commission-Oriented, fixed fee generating finance industry. A decade ago, two young professionals started a small advisory for few friends & family and started managing their money with just a simple expectation of getting a share in the returns, rather than a fat fixed fee. The quality of their work spread rapidly via word of mouth and quickly, that motivated them to give birth to his enterprise which we now call Niveshaay, with a state of art Investments Research Lab with 20+ professionals.

We always wanted to bring portfolio approach to investment in India, where the financial planning of households is still done by the 'Chachas' and the 'Bhaiyas'. We wanted to break this tradition of taking investment decisions based on advice of novice relatives and friends and make investors understand the power of Professional Investments Advisory. And also changing the structure of organized industry, who will focus on Commission Oriented products to Profit Sharing Oriented admire for a “win- win” strategy for our clients.

Niveshaay is a SEBI Registered boutique Investment Advisory Firm with a Dedicated Research Team specialising in Equity Portfolio Advisory. Our expertise lies in linking the macro economic indicators to the business model of mid-market companies and finding out companies which have potential to double their sales or profitability in a period of 3-5 years.

Leadership Team

Arvind Kothari

(Founder and Director)
[B.COM, CA, CWA, CFA (U.S.)]
Former Industry Research Analyst at ICICI Bank

Has been practicing Equity Research and Investment Advisory for the last 7 years and has given shape to one of its kind company that provides complete investment planning solutions. He has a vision that Indians should invest at least 10% of their savings in the Capital Markets which is currently only 2%.

Over the years has developed a healthy relationship amongst the value investor community.

Has innovative approach towards finance and is impeccable with number crunching. Has passion for Economics and has been conducting sessions at various prestigious institutes in Surat, Mumbai and Pune.

Amit Agrawal (Director)

[B.Com, CA (AIR 30), CS (AIR 12), CFA(US)]
Former Wealth Manager at Citibank, Mumbai

Has rich industry experience of working with Citibank in Mumbai for about 7 years, spanning multiple roles including wealth management, portfolio advisory and innovating and designing structured and other investment products for HNI and corporate clients.

He is a research enthusiast and believes in informed investing aimed at building a goal oriented portfolio for the overall wealth management of clients. Being a passionate entrepreneur, he now looks forward to leverage his skills and experience with Niveshaay.

Dedicated Research Desk

Our Philosophy

"We focus on emerging trends and businesses which are scalable and can generate higher ROE for long period of time and is also the best hedge against all types of financial volatilities."

Our Focus

In the long run, small and midcap companies prove to be a better investment opportunity because:
  • No or minimal institutional holdings
  • Less liquidity
  • Lesser known companies
  • Can become leader in niche market
  • Under-penetrated market with huge opportunity size

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