Direct Equity Investments Portfolio

Based on risk profile and time horizon of the investors, we have formulated three unique strategies to fit each investor-type:


Focuses on few high conviction stocks that exhibit chances to outperform and have outsized impact on the portfolio. Comprises of basket of 7-10 stocks allocating 50% of the total investments in 3 stocks with great business potential. Our main aim is that out of the above 3 stocks we get one of the businesses to turn around nicely and cam single handedly double the portfolio in 3-4 years as the allocation in the above 3 stocks can go as high as 15-20 % depending upon the business improvement shown by them. This model helps us to generate returns that beat usual PMS returns.


Comprises of basket of 15-20 stocks with an average 5% exposure in each stock and 10% in our high conviction stock with maximum exposure of 25% in a particular sector. This model helps us generate significant Alpha over Mutual Fund returns for our clients and at par returns of PMS structure but saving on substantial costs of the PMS structures present in the market.


Companies selected have the potential to become large cap from their current mid cap status. Comprises of basket of 40-50 stocks with an average 2% exposure in each stock, with allocation as high as 5% in our high conviction stock and maximum exposure of 20% in a particular sector. More focus on generating safer and stabler returns with slightly less returns to adjust for low risk. This model helps us to generate returns that outperform Mutual Fund returns.


Carefully examines on how much cushion is required based on risk appetite and age in order to accordingly suggest corrective actions of moving from inefficient FDs to good debt MFs with a mix of equity exposure. This would boost the returns along with safety of capital. For instance: Total Investment Amount is Rs. 100 Time Horizon: 3 Years Debt Allocation: Rs. 80 with expected yield of Rs.20 in 3 years Equity Allocation: Rs. 20 with expected yield of Rs. 40 in three years 3 Year CAGR: 16.96% can be earned with reasonable safety of capital.

Research Reports

We have developed an in-house Research Facility to provide detailed Research Reports to clients.

Our Dedicated Research Desk provides quarterly updates of our research reports, even monthly as per the requirements of the client or of the events taking place.

Portfolio Restructuring

Portfolio restructuring involves reassessing and reframing investor's existing portfolio by selling undesired stocks or investments and buying attractive, fundamentally strong companies. This enables the portfolio to fetch more returns and outperform the market. Based on the risk-return profile, we recommend corrective actions by identifying undesired stocks or schemes which undermine your portfolio returns. Our recommendations are backed by strong in-depth research by our diligent research team.


A comprehensive evaluation of your investments is done by keeping in mind your needs, goals and risk appetite. Based on our analysis, an action plan is designed for different asset classes. Over time, this would help in maximizing returns of different assets in your portfolio.


Your existing portfolio is critically examined based on allocations in different sectors using fundamental and macroeconomic analysis. After evaluation of your portfolio, recommendations on Buy/Hold/Sell or no view decisions are given.


The existing mutual fund portfolio is studied based on historical returns, exit loads, fund manager performance, and the sectors in which Mutual Funds invest. For instance: sectors which could benefit in the present scenario due to demonetization, GST etc. are given preference. After the detailed analysis, recommendations on Buy/Hold/Sell are given.


HNIs and savvy customers can have 5-10% allocation in alternate-unlisted equity, PE funds, start-ups etc.


Restructuring will help you balance your portfolio by clearing the clutter of undesired companies that are driving down your returns. It will help you in limiting your portfolio to a few quality companies leading to appropriate level of diversification. It helps you beat benchmark returns of indices like Nifty and Sensex.

Family Office Portfolio Consultancy

We provide complete solution to manage your family's financial and wealth affairs. It provides solution for building, preserving and transferring family wealth & legacy. Niveshaay's Research Team understands that every family is different so we provide bespoke advice to establish and operate your family office and grow and preserve your energy.

No two families are identical and the same goes for family offices. But whatever your family office does, there can come a time when it needs some external support.

We focus on the following areas:

  • Long term wealth creation through mix of various asset classes
  • Tax efficient positioning of assets
  • Focus on reduction of executions costs
  • Risk management and stress test of family portfolios