The Niveshaay Edge

  • Niveshaay is a Research Oriented Firm
  • We, at NIVESHAAY don’t invest in a stock. We invest in a business instead.
  • Detailed Research is undertaken before investing in stocks by analyzing company’s business model.
  • Proactive in understanding different game changer events
    (Example: Demonetization, Brexit, Donald Trump win etc. ) happening in the economy
  • We hand-pick companies that would benefit from these events and ensure maximum returns.
  • We invest in companies which are undervalued as they don’t have any built-in premium. Hence, they can outperform.
  • Carefully analyses the mutual fund
    • Not only see historical returns of the Mutual Fund but also
    • Identifies the sectors in which the Mutual Funds invest
    • Example: Sectors which could benefit due to demonetization) and then invest accordingly.
  • Tie ups for research and data with best value investors of Mumbai, Chennai and Pune.
  • We consider the first transaction as the beginning of a lifelong relationship.